Salted Caramel/Bourbon Pecan Monkey Bread

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Is it Saturday yet?! Not sure about you, but I LOVE (almost need) to have something to look forward to. And it can be as simple as waking up in the morning with coffee, or a mimosa, to make something delicious. This post celebrates the time we have to sit down, & enjoy a luscious brunch.

In some eyes, I might have taken the easy way out by using quick biscuits. And most days I would agree with you, however not this time. This recipe & use of Nola Granola will make you forget that you popped open a can of biscuits. 

Use your favorite can of biscuits & follow the heating/baking instructions there. Or use your favorite recipe of biscuits, if you have one PLEASE share. I'd love to try it!! 

This recipe is for quick bake biscuits, & Nola Granola: 

  • Pop open up your biscuits
  • Cut each biscuit into quarters
  • Toss each quarter of the biscuit into a bowl of Cinnamon & Sugar Mix.
    • This can be however much or little you'd like. I generally use my eye & more cinnamon than the norm.
  • Put each tossed quarter into a loaf pan
  • Melt a tablespoon, or two, of butter in a separate (microwave safe) bowl
  • Mix in more cinnamon & sugar
    • This mixture to pour over the biscuits
  • Pour this mixture over the quartered biscuit loaf pan
  • Top with your fav Nola Granola
    • Seriously. Our granola will caramelise even more so in the oven.
  • Pop that delectable Monkey Bread in the oven
  • Pull out when ready
  • Top with even more Nola Granola



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