Nola Granola Coconut Macaroons

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Celebrate National Macaroon Day with these beautiful Coconut Macaroons! 


  • 1 bag of shredded sweetened shredded coconut
  • 4 cups of finely shredded coconut, if you're in Nashville: I went I to Turnip Truck & bought their bulk coconut. Bonus 10% off their bulk if you buy on Wednesdays!
  • 1 can of condensed milk (14oz)
  • Chocolate to be melted & used as a dipping; I used Nashville's Olive & Sinclair's Sea Salt
  • Nola Granola to be crushed & used as a garnish on top or around the edges

This was my third time trying to make these Coconut Macaroons as the majority of recipes were completely different from each other. So I tried & tested, and found the best way to make them was mixing the different sized coconut flakes. One bag of the typical sweetened shredded coconut you can find in the baking aisle of your grocery, & another of smaller less sweet shredded coconut found in our Nashville's local grocery bulk aisle. This combination held the sweetened condensed milk together much better, and did not spill out while baking.. which happened the first time. 

Combine most of the condensed milk (use about 90% of it) & the full bag of the shredded coconut keeping the 2nd amount of shredded coconut still separate. Mix until combined. How does the texture look/feel? Very runny, or full of liquid still? Add the extra shredded coconut a 1/2 cup at a time, being mindful of the texture. You want the mixture to feel compact vs liquid-y. 

Scoop out a tablespoon at a time, and drop onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. Here they almost look a little dry, right? No spillage of the condensed milk forming, or too much liquid in there. Ours did not turn out dry since the shredded coconut was fresh & it had the right amount of condensed milk. Use your gut & eyes to determine to best amount today.

Bake at 350F for about 12-15 minutes, keep an eye on them and watch when they turn golden brown. Take them out. 

At this time, chop up the chocolate you'd like to use as the dipping portion. I used Nashville's own Olive & Sinclair's Sea Salt Chocolate Bar as it'll a little more bitter than the chocolate norm out there and it pairs deliciously with our Coconut Curry Granola. 

Put the chopped chocolate into a microwave safe bowl & melt in the microwave at 20 second intervals. Be sure to mix the chocolate every 20 seconds or so to prevent burning. 

 The easiest way I found to dip & crust the macaroons:

  • Crush the granola to make it easier to keep onto the chocolate. 
  • Dip & swirl the macaroon in one bowl
  • Then on the macaroon's side, roll it in the crushed granola mixture on another bowl or shallow dipping bowl
  • Place back on to the cookie sheet, or parchment paper

Drop a little spoonful of chocolate on top, then place granola or a fresh piece of fruit. Either way, they're going to be delectable! 

Serve & enjoy!

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