Salted Caramel Granola & Sautéed Apples Pancakes

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We only have one Trader Joe's currently in Nashville & when I go there, I buy pretty much everything... including their fantastic pancake mix. It is the healthiest (no odd sounding words that I need Google's help) & best tasting quick pancake mix I have found so far. With their pancake mix, I usually doctor it up a little bit to taste like actually handmade.. not hand poured from a box! With the liquid measurements, I do milk vs water & always add in vanilla & brown sugar (light or dark, they're both great). I've found that these simple & easy add-ins make the pancakes even more delectable. 


  • I'm a big advocate of making baked goods & food in general from scratch, however once you find a great replacement (ie Trader Joe's Pancke Mix) it's ok to let that 'from scratch' rule slide once in awhile. Especially when it's Saturday Morning & your coffee hasn't kicked in yet...
  • Combine the pancake mix ingredients together, below are my extra special add-in's to make the pancakes more flavourful:
    • Use milk vs water
    • 1 tbsp of Brown Sugar; light or dark works
    • 1 tbsp Vanilla 

Sautéed apples: 

  • Cut, dice, & slice your favorite apple - mine is Honeycrisp & it works wonderfully on top of pancakes. No overkill with sweetness or tartness: a delicious balance.
  • Bring your sauce pan to a medium heat, and add in a pad of butter to get the pan nice & smothered.
  • When the pan is getting warm to hot, add in the apple slices & sautee to how ever long you like them while flipping/moving them to obtain the right amount of browning.
    • Want softer apples? -> leave 'em in the pan longer
    • Want the apples with a little heat & a bit of crispy? Take them out when they are getting brown & still a bit firm to the touch of the spatula. 

A great trick to keep all of the pancakes warm while still making pancakes for a big (or small) crowd is to place the pancakes in the oven on low. I usually put a pad of butter in between each layer to make sure the pancakes don't dry out within the oven.

Place sautéed apples on top of the pancakes, and then add in your favorite Nola Granola!

*post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way by Trader Joe's except for us liking & using their products*

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